Blister Packaging Production

Blister packs reduce the cost of packaging, eliminating the need for additional boxes. Cold Seal is required for blister packaging products. Features: • Preset blister • Big option blister • Blank card option that allows you to choose which size corresponds to the profile • Top stacked in packet layers • Clear patient name, photo and unpacked information on the card • Wavy edge for alignment of a label for fast drawing • Easy compaction with pressure-sensitive adhesion – no … Readmore»

Blister Pharmaceutical Packaging

Safety and quality of patients have the highest priority. Therefore, you must reliably protect your sensitive products from external influences, such as moisture, oxygen and / or light. Choose from our high-performance thermal or ultrasonic sealing technology to produce pressurized bags. Our horizontal winding machines produce up to 350 hermetic packages per minute. Many types of blister pharmaceutical packaging were used for marketing and selling products in industries such as pharmaceuticals or toys. There are some common type of blister … Readmore»

Blister Transparent Boxes

Ensure that clear plastic blister transparent boxes provide protection and safety when attractive packaging materials are used. This tamper-proof box is supplied as a durable and bio-degradable food material to provide the best packaging material for various industries. It comes in various styles and sizes for safe and secure packaging of items. Custom designs and styles are also available to better meet the diverse needs of customers. In addition, blister transparent boxes are available at affordable prices to make the … Readmore»

Blister Toy Packaging

Usually a blister toy packaging is suitable for PVC plastic bubbles and products for sealing blister cards. After closing the toy bubbles become beautiful, dustproof and transparent. As you know, well-designed packaging helps to sell products well, so products must be not only excellent in quality but also attractive. If you want to make individual packaging of toys, just send us relevant drawings and information about the product, we can make a blister packaging for toys at your request. PVC … Readmore»

Blister Cards Production

Blister cards production are the basis of blister packs. Cold blister cards production are printed on one side of the box only. After installation on all sides of the package, even on the back of the front and back, printed labels and instructions may be displayed. This unique feature allows you to use cheap cardboard. Cold-sealing cards that do not require heat to seal blister packs consume little energy. After use, packaging materials – plastic and cardboard – can be … Readmore»

Blister Packaging Machine

Blister packaging machine usually occupies products in a cavity with a paper backing or aluminium or film printing. These blister packs can be used for almost any product, but they are regular packs for small consumer products, food products, and pharmaceuticals. Construction Machine The basic body of the blister packaging machine is made of a soft steel chassis with a stainless-steel frame on bolts of SS 304, welded from a rigid frame design, where various modular stations are installed in … Readmore»

Blister Packaging Types

Packaging is usually defined as a cost-effective way to ensure the protection, presentation, preservation, use and information about the product during its storage, display and transportation until the moment of its consumption. During packaging it is very important to protect the product from organic, important and chemical climatic conditions. The blister packaging types use 2 types of packaging for pharmaceutical products. First the cap, bottle, label and so on. This is the primary packaging of components that are in direct … Readmore»

Blister Packaging Products

Blister packaging holds consumer goods between a cardboard card and a transparent thermoformed plastic blister. Wonderful graphics on the blister card attracts customers and facilitates the inspection of transparent plastic. Benefits Bubble bags for toys, hardware, drugs and so on. Used for packaging products. In recent years, advances in cold forming, which minimizes the amount of material used for each cavity, allowing more steep depths / angles during molding, have helped improve this technology. The main advantages of blister packaging … Readmore»

What is Blister Packaging?

Every day a blister pack is used to pack many products in our world. This is especially good for small items most used for medicine. This is usually made of thermoformed plastic with a cardboard, plastic or aluminium packing. One option is the case when the blister pack is folded onto itself. Blister packs can sometimes be called blister cards, blister packs or packages. The difference is that the strip pack has no thermoformed or cold-formed cavities. Instead, when the … Readmore»

Locked Blister Packaging

To create separators, locked blister packaging, transport and protective bags and plastic bags specially designed for internal measurements of cardboard boxes or plastic boxes of your choice and produced by thermoforming and vacuum processes. These separators, vials, packaging and transport, and the protection of plastic packaging help protect your products that need delicate care from external factors. They also help to safely and cleanly store, store, transport, store, store and protect your products without scratching and the formation of particles … Readmore»

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