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Blister Cards Production

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Plastik Çikolata Kutusu

Blister cards production are the basis of blister packs. Cold blister cards production are printed on one side of the box only. After installation on all sides of the package, even on the back of the front and back, printed labels and instructions may be displayed. This unique feature allows you to use cheap cardboard. Cold-sealing cards that do not require heat to seal blister packs consume little energy. After use, packaging materials – plastic and cardboard – can be taken separately and, thus, completely recycled.

Hot Stamp Blister Cards
The most important feature of the heat-insulating blister card technology is the high reliability and durability of the blister-card connection or the card or the card when using the front and back blister card or the folding card. Blister cards production uses the ecoseal 9000 series of proven, environmentally friendly water-based coatings to produce heat-insulating blister cards. Major customers such as Sony and P & G have tested and approved thermal insulation cards, and our millions of blister cards are now available in stores around the world.

Improved Security Features
This is especially useful for very small but valuable products, such as memory cards. In addition, the nature of blister cards production heat sealing the edges of blister packaging between two blister cards tightly fixes the blister packaging, encouraging attempts to open the store without complicating the opening process for consumers to access appropriately obtained products. A folding box can be covered with a tear-resistant film to increase its durability, and two-component cardboard can be up to 32 pt thick, which makes it resistant to tearing.

Product Innovation
It effectively bridges the gap between the low cost of producing single-chamber blister packs and the high performance of the caps, provides excellent surface area for displaying marketing and brand images of your customers, makes packaging and displaying products of unique shape easier, does not stop by itself, and provides the power needed for hanging heavy blister cards production products.

Technical Characters Of Blister Packaging
It takes flat pressure generation to create strong and medium bubbles. and compaction of the roller network to ensure reliable compaction. The machine is equipped with a dosing system, a device for stamping and horizontal perforation without restrictions, which provides high performance and significant savings in packaging material.

Protection against moisture, pollution and other factors.
Anti-burglar resistant
Safe but easy to open
Provides design options.
Glamorous and modern look
Unique finishes, such as holography, are available.
Unique container shapes.
Excellent clarity and print performance

This is not only a matter of pride in product regulation, but also the importance of seeing how to believe. A visual impression is very important for customer orientation, and it is also important that he watches the product and not see that only the packaging is printed on it. Bubble and visible packaging proved to be the perfect solution. This kind of or self-selling packaging ambalaj, as well as cheaper than cardboard packaging. Very light type of packaging, ideal for packaging cheap and small and medium-sized products.