Our company began operations in 2009 and conducts export-focused work with production and sales infrastructure going back many years. We have the capacity to send products to every country in the world in the areas of food packaging, thermoform packaging, and blister and plastic separators. Our company has production centers and sales offices in Sakarya and Izmir and exports its own Turkish products.

Within the organization of our company, we can produce PVC-PET-PS-ABS-PETG-PE and also Plexiglass materials in different colors from 0.16mm to 10mm and in sizes of 800x600mm. While the issues that our company prioritizes meet the specific needs of customers regarding products to maximize customer satisfaction, we aim to manufacture products reliably, durably, in accordance with standards, at an affordable cost, and at a high quality.

Our company has taken steps in the sector with its mission of providing the best quality product to customers on time and at the most affordable price. It grows its area of service by each day further expanding its array of products with modern and technological equipment and qualified employees. Our company stands one step ahead in the sector with the respect it has for its customers and the care it gives to customer satisfaction. It works to always fulfill the wishes of customers with creative ideas and reliable solutions.

Our company has assumed quality, customer satisfaction, and respect for nature among its goals with the products it produced using the latest technology. It is proud to present you with the latest innovations in the packaging sector. We aim to advance our production to higher quality and capacity using developed standards of manufacturing technology at our factory.

REXPLAST has adopted flawless service as a principle in post-sales support. We always choose the newest and latest technologies of today in the products we manufacture. We adopt manufacturing the “Best Quality” product, for less, in accordance with global standards, as a mission.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic
Waste from all plastic bags in the world constitutes only 1% of total waste. Plastic is used especially in the packaging sector, but environmental pollution is created by many people who carelessly leave plastic packaging in nature. Environmental pollution can be overcome with the awareness of people, because plastic is a completely recyclable and valuable material. Plastics can reprocessed or used as an alternative fuel after serving a beneficial purpose.

Because plastic packaging are lighter and cheaper products that lead to less pollution in the production process, they have many environmentally friendly characteristics, contrary to popular belief. Plastic packaging is used in more than 50 percent of products around the world because plastics ensure that consumption materials are packaged economically and safely.