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Blister Toy Packaging

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Usually a blister toy packaging is suitable for PVC plastic bubbles and products for sealing blister cards. After closing the toy bubbles become beautiful, dustproof and transparent. As you know, well-designed packaging helps to sell products well, so products must be not only excellent in quality but also attractive. If you want to make individual packaging of toys, just send us relevant drawings and information about the product, we can make a blister packaging for toys at your request. PVC / PET / PP / BOPS / PS materials are available.

Why Choose Blister Packs And Oyster Shells?
Your products will come to the fore in your stores. If you are looking for functional, but attractive packaging, sparkling packaging and oyster shells are the perfect choice. While your products are protected, your products are fully visible. Your products will be protected by blister toy packaging. Thermoform blister packs and oyster shells use clear and tough film to ensure the safety of your products. These packages are designed to provide security in stores and extend the shelf life of the product.

Characteristics Of Effective Toy Packaging
Scott: It is important that all special game packages be complex and not broken or broken. During transport, the bags can cause too much pressure, scattering and rotation, which can damage in the blister toy packaging.

Colour: As a rule, on the back side there are product details, while in real situations and excellent graphics, the front side is more colourful with the toy.

Touch and Feel: Manipulative packaging is especially effective for special play packages for children. This is an important choice for the customer and ensures high product sales.

Are There Different Types Of Packaging?
1) Blister Pack
The most widely used safe, flexible and reliable type of packaging is blister packaging. It is widely used in pharmaceutical companies for the storage and packaging of tablets. Then there is a cardboard or foil with a blister in the form of a plastic pill, sealed pill. Similarly, a shape is made for toys, in which plastic is formed, and then the toy fits tightly to it. This is the most popular type of special game for children.

2) Clamshell Packaging
The hinges and latches at one end are connected using tape or pressure-sensitive seals. In any case, you need a pair of scissors to open a toy cot.

3) Plastic Sheet With Cardboard Packaging
The toy can be seen on plastic sheets attached to the empty sides of the boxes. This allows the client to see both the weight inside and the light. For safety reasons, you can insert a meld or secure the toy with wires. This is a packaging for toys that is easier to open and more colourful for children.

4) Flat Pack For Toys
This type of blister toy packaging is made only with a box for toys, and a transparent layer of PVC is not used. All parts are included and securely sealed at both ends. Think of it as cereal.