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Blister Pharmaceutical Packaging

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Safety and quality of patients have the highest priority. Therefore, you must reliably protect your sensitive products from external influences, such as moisture, oxygen and / or light. Choose from our high-performance thermal or ultrasonic sealing technology to produce pressurized bags. Our horizontal winding machines produce up to 350 hermetic packages per minute.

Many types of blister pharmaceutical packaging were used for marketing and selling products in industries such as pharmaceuticals or toys. There are some common type of blister packaging in stores. These housings are made of preformed plastic, melded and sealed on hot or cold printed cardboard. Drug cans are one of the most common uses for blister packaging; however, they can also be used to house small consumer products, such as pens or children’s toys.

As part of the design, it may include a cardboard backing film, another plastic layer, or even a layer of paper on a blister pack. The instructions are often printed on the package, telling consumers how to use the medicine, or warn consumers about the potential hazards of the product. Blister packs offer a variety of design options to meet your marketing needs. You will see them most in the pharmaceutical industry, because they are used to blister pharmaceutical packaging medicinal capsules or tablets for a single dose.

Outside the world of pharmaceuticals, such packages contain equipment, toys, and electrical goods. A good example is the kit of accessories with a grill before assembly. Each part is separated by a compartment with a cardboard support and labelled accordingly for ease of assembly. Their popularity is due to their low weight, which makes them light enough to be easily attached or packaged with the product.

Blister Packs and Pharmaceutical Products
In the pharmaceutical industry, blister pharmaceutical packaging are commonly used to sell prescription or non-prescription drugs. They are cost-effective and offer consumers an easy way to provide drugs. Each tablet or tablet can be passed directly through the foil by pressing the thumb on the back of the box. In addition, each dose is divided into perforated parts in order to give the consumer the opportunity to receive a single dose as needed:
• Low cost for producer and consumer
• Easier to meet shelf life needs
• Information may be printed for
• Easy to use single doses

The noted disadvantage is that people with arthritis or other conditions for removing pills from blister packs cannot be found. Although this is true in the past, there have been many achievements. New designs make it easier to open packages for people who have difficulty removing tablets. Drugs that you can find in a blister pharmaceutical packaging:
• Allergy Medicine
• Throat Lozenges
• Cold Medicine
• Prescription Drugs

The main advantage of drugs is the fact that blister pharmaceutical packaging protect the product, open easily and provide space for personalization. The choice is one of the easiest for consumers. If you decide how to pack your product, and bubble bags appear to offer the benefits you are looking for, we want to help you achieve your goals.