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Blister Packaging Production

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Blok Çikolata Seperatörleri

Blister packs reduce the cost of packaging, eliminating the need for additional boxes. Cold Seal is required for blister packaging products.

• Preset blister
• Big option blister
• Blank card option that allows you to choose which size corresponds to the profile
• Top stacked in packet layers
• Clear patient name, photo and unpacked information on the card
• Wavy edge for alignment of a label for fast drawing
• Easy compaction with pressure-sensitive adhesion – no equipment required
• Color laser marking using medical software (MMS)
• Bright colors distinguish different times of the day.
• Customizable schedule, the best day on each map starts independently

Blister packaging products are ideal for discharged patients, patients with respiratory diseases, patients in public places, patients taking medication at school / at work or outside the home, as well as those taking short-term medications or those who are in the process reduce the dose of medication.

The cold seal (shown on the right) has a tear-off dosage for superior comfort. The openings in the packaging ensure that individual doses are taken and where they go with the client or caregiver. Advantages:
• Resident photo always stays in touch
• Portable doses are light.
• The large bubble of a bubble size minimizes waste and helps the environment by washing away the tablets before rubbing them, which allows the tablets to be used as a drug container for crushing and using less crushing containers.
• Accelerates packaging, allowing you to put several drugs in a blister

Blister packaging products are the most important part of the production and sale of products. One is drawn into the packaging, then into the contents. We are one of the leading manufacturers, vacuum forming and thermoforming products. Our company is managed by a group of experienced professionals in a wide range of businesses with more than 20 years of experience. Our product range is blister packaging products, blister trays, vacuum packaging trays, material transport trays, a product display stand and customer-made products. These include HIPS, PET, PVC, etc., which come from the best-selling suppliers in the market. Our products serve many industries and can offer solutions for the highest quality packaging materials for all our customers. Thank you very much for our products, and the reason for our growing business is the high quality of our products.

High-Frequency Near Packages
It is made entirely of plastic and combines the sheaths or sheets of PVC or PET-G, which provide a high-frequency electrical seal. Cardboard can be inserted. If you do not use scissors or knives, untouchable blister packs. Maintain technical functions to protect the product. Structural safety is guaranteed by soldering thermoformed plastic sheets obtained by high-frequency electric current. Protection of structural functions during product movement. View product information and technical features clearly. Fully thermoformed plastic material, easy to reuse using buttons created during thermoforming.

This type of packaging ensures the possibility of further opening of the package to verify the contents of the seller.
Very light type of packaging, ideal for packaging cheap and small and medium-sized products.
Plastic is a folder with two or three lower sides and covered with a sliding cardboard layer.