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Plastik Bisküvi Kapları

Blister packaging holds consumer goods between a cardboard card and a transparent thermoformed plastic blister. Wonderful graphics on the blister card attracts customers and facilitates the inspection of transparent plastic.

Bubble bags for toys, hardware, drugs and so on. Used for packaging products. In recent years, advances in cold forming, which minimizes the amount of material used for each cavity, allowing more steep depths / angles during molding, have helped improve this technology. The main advantages of blister packaging on plastic base are its more compact size and transparency when viewing the product in comparison with cold-formed aluminum.

Consumer Goods
The consumer can visually inspect the product from a transparent plastic. The plastic shell is formed in a vacuum around the mold, so that it can securely hold the product. The glue is strong enough to hang the package on a nail, but weak enough (theoretically) to easily open the package. Sometimes it has a perforated window to access the card (cold print card), along with large objects.

What Products Can Be Bubbled?
Blister cartons are used in various markets and in different product categories, including:
• Club Shops And Large Retail Chains
• Homeware, Equipment, Tools
• Health And Beauty, Cosmetics
• Household Goods
• Electronic
• Stationery And Craft Items
• Toys And Games
• Sports And Leisure
• Car

How It Works?
First, you will collaborate with an experienced member of our sales team to develop the perfect blister card and blister card for your product. Customize your package with 4-color front printing, 20 points. Thermoform bubbles are 10 or 15 mil thick. Choose a stock or custom blister packaging form. Then select one of the specified Combo-Pac values; Small and large quantities are available. Plan an order for thermoforming or printing on one of the available Combo-Pac production dates. Your packaging components will be quickly designed, manufactured, and delivered on time.

How Does The Blister And The Map Stick Together?
Blister packaging cards are produced in the SBS warehouse. This packaging is a great way to show your product in limbo and provides protection against theft. Different types of card packaging – blister cards, folding cards and closed blister cards.

The Benefits Of Blister Packaging
The universality of blister packaging gives trademark owners many advantages. Many customers choose this style thanks to many reasons, including:
• Profitability – Placing your product on a shelf should not cost you an arm or a leg. Short delivery times – retail deadlines are crucial for brand owners.
• Protection against unauthorized access – ensure the tranquillity of your customers by protecting your product in sealed blister packaging.

Blister Pack Types
Fake cover cap – Fake cover caps have a blister seal, but also have a small flange around the package. The best quality of packaging is our plastic blister packaging for children’s toys, which is widely used for storing gift items, various small items in specified compartments. High-quality raw materials are easily heated and melded to produce a special shape in accordance with customer requirements. Thanks to our plastic base, plastic packaging for children’s toys can easily and safely store the products of our customers.