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Blister Packaging Machine

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Blister packaging machine usually occupies products in a cavity with a paper backing or aluminium or film printing. These blister packs can be used for almost any product, but they are regular packs for small consumer products, food products, and pharmaceuticals.

Construction Machine
The basic body of the blister packaging machine is made of a soft steel chassis with a stainless-steel frame on bolts of SS 304, welded from a rigid frame design, where various modular stations are installed in the balcony structure. The machine has two servomotors to control the indexing and feeding system. The feed is carried out using the correct product transfer roller (PTR) for Alu / Alu Blister. The entire blister packaging machine is mounted on six height-adjustable studs, so that the entire surface under the machine can be easily cleaned. The machine will be properly protected to ensure operator safety. Access to the console settings of the modular station is provided from the front of the machine. Forming parts are very easy to assemble and disassemble, and they are produced using a minimum number of tools and tools. With minimal operator fatigue, a complete set of changes can be achieved in less than 30 minutes.

Blister Packaging Equipment
Pharmaceutical blister packaging machines for small-scale and large-scale pharmaceutical processing accelerate the marketing of pharmaceutical products. Examples of products packaged with blister packaging equipment include large coated tablets, such as ampoules, round tablets, elongated capsules and chewable smoking cessation pills, cough drops, and others. When purchasing equipment for blister packaging, it is necessary to consider the desired volume of drug production (hundreds or thousands of packages per day), the type of materials used for blister packaging (foil, paper, plastic, organic products) and compliance with safe protocols for packaging.

Blister packaging machine and special design of the machine provides full time synchronization between the aluminium foil and the sealing of the PVC sheet for manufacturers. The machine works on the principle of flat melding and rotary compaction to ensure higher productivity.

The main PVC film web is pulled out of the drum and fed into the blistering unit, where bubbles continuously form. The web is then guided to the sealing assembly along the guideline. Along the guide rail, the product is filled into bubbles with an appropriate automatic filler before the product enters the sealing unit. The aluminium foil is pulled out of a separate coil and fed to the sealing unit so that it is sealed with a base sheet. hermetic sealing of the product. The filled and sealed web is then fed to a bag stamping unit, from which the bags are separated from the web using an indexing mechanism. Mesh decking is cut for aggregation. Blister packs can be collected in boxes or transferred to tape for further processing. The machine can be connected to a cardboard. Type of packaging with manual closure. This type of packaging ensures the possibility of further opening of the package to verify the contents of the seller.