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Wet Cake Containers

Plastik Kapaklı Kek Ambalajı

Feel free to carry your homemade bread and sugar art in a cake box or cake stand. Find cardboard boxes for muffins and wet cake containers for storing muffins of various sizes, suitable for any type of oven, from individual boxes for cakes to stand for baking cakes and cup holders.
Cakes are a great way to show your talent and improve the result. You can showcase your job in an attractive and cost-effective way with our excellent pastry packs. Brenmarco.com offers different sizes and height for cakes, so you can find here everything you need.

Packaging For Cakes
If you need packaging for baking, you can find the one that suits you best. Some markers offer a wide range of pastry baking containers, including packaging for round cakes, packing slices, a cake with leaves and a cake with an angel. They also carry various types of pastry cups and pads, including gold, foam, and crimped in various sizes. They offer a wide selection of plastic cake containers to cover all types of cakes. There is a dome cake for a birthday cake, an anniversary cake, and more. Remember, cream cakes need extra space so as not to be crushed.

Attractive Cake Containers
Attractive transparent plastic wet cake containers for cake make it more attractive and help to keep freshness on the shelves of pastry. Choose a high dome cupcake container for high decor cakes or a low dome cupcake container for cakes or simply frozen cakes. Located on many sides of the dome, the dome adds strength and visual appeal. Black soles with blocked properties help keep the cake containers closed, prevent spills and keep cakes fresh and moist. Cheesecake wet cake containers are designed to keep these sweet desserts fresh longer and keep the ribbed edges in order to give strength and charm.

Your Selection
Choose from round pastry containers, rectangular pastry containers and disposable pastry containers. Remember, you need a one-inch cup cake from the diameter of the cake you put. For best results, baking boards should be the same diameter as the baking pan. Many food wet cake containers prefer 10 packs of cake cups to prepare for certain food and beverage events such as weddings and birthday parties, but those who have storage space may consider purchasing cakes.

Cake delivery wet cake containers allow you to send freshly baked cakes to your customers. These containers have strong bases and dome-shaped lids to prevent damage to the casing and icing of the cakes during transport or delivery. You also understand that the transparent cake box has a lid that provides full visibility to help increase sales of pre-packaged goods.

The product should be easy for retailers to store and store on shelves or on the floor, and should be easy to use at the exit counter or other final distribution point. For example, odd-shaped packages that take up a lot of space may be noticeable, but may also be reduced by postal order providers for delivery costs or retailers of a store with limited space. Production requirements, the third set of functional criteria affecting the packaging, are mainly cost based. One of the most important issues is the speed of the production line.