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Thermoform Packaging Features

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Çikolata Plastik Kalıp

Thermoforming is the process of heating a thermoplastic layer to a softening temperature. The most common methods for ensuring compliance of the plate with the final form are vacuum generation, pressure generation and mechanical forming. Thermoform packaging features have many uses and can be used in various industries.

Key Terminology Used
The thermoforming process uses special terminology that you need to know. You can see thermoform packaging features:
Thermoform: Thermoform is a generic term that refers to the process of transforming a plastic sheet into a three-dimensional form using heat, vacuum, and pressure.

Vacuum Forming: A special process involving the heating and drawing of plastic through a meld using vacuum to form parts. Typically, the form is open, and the force associated with the formation of the sheet is limited to 15 pounds per square inch.
Creating Pressure: This adds a pressure box to the package of tools. This process is performed three to four times more than the pressure created by the vacuum forming process.

Formation Of A Two-Leaf Sheet: As follows from this term, for this process there are two matrices: one on top and the other. When forcing air pressure between the layers around the meld should be a molten compound.

Thermoforming Steps
As in any process, thermoforming has several stages. There are some steps:
• Design
• Prototype
• Last Team
• Production
• Shipping

Thermoforming Equipment
The thermoforming process and thermoform packaging features requires several devices. It also requires a transformer with three or four stations. CNC robotic routers are required for secondary process operation. As a rule, Thermoform packaging features do not exceed 60 “X 120”.

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