About Our Products

Within the organization of our company, we can produce PVC-PET-PS-ABS-PETG-PE and also Plexiglass materials in different colors from 0.16mm to 10mm and in sizes of 800x600mm.

We produce all packaging materials necessary for you and your company. We are your solution partner with our long years of experience in all fields in food, medicine, and beyond food. You’ll understand our quality difference with the products we produce according to the raw material you select at the desired scale and weight. We work, aiming for maximum efficiency in manufacturing processes to do the best for the work we do.

We engage with the plastic packaging industry with our graphics, design, CNC mold workshop, packaging, and manufacturing departments under our own roof. We can respond to the needs of our customers with our long years of market experience with the balance of the elements of quality, price, and time. We work together with corporate customers who request special design packaging products for their products.

Some product groups we manufacture:
Thermoform Packaging:
These are packaging products manufactured from PET, PVC, and PS materials designed specially based on the form of the product to be placed inside. These types of products are used for the collective shelf placement of products offered for sale and for the single-use packaging of products in sectors like food and cosmetics.

Plastic Separators:
Plastic separators are aligned individually to be able to be placed within the cardboard or shelling packaging of products and are a material that aims to protect and beautifully display the product. They are used mostly within chocolate boxes, as ayran viols, as egg viols, and as something that stops products from touching one another on long shipments.

Blister Packaging:
Blister packaging systems, in which the front side is transparent PVC and the back side is cardboard, are analyzed in our own organization for the special products of companies. The packaging variety, acquired using the vacuum and thermoform method, is quite effective at reaching the end consumer in a healthy manner.

The blister packaging model ensures the highest level of product visibility. Nothing remains secret with the packaging model, which allows for your products, meeting with the customer, to be clearly understood with the naked eye. Customers overlook and don’t notice products hidden inside the box. It is a topic that has been fixed with research conducted in which customers get adequate information to make a purchase decision and which they make if they visually see the entire product. You should give your products and brand a chance to show themselves.

Plastic Product Stands:
These types of stands are made with special-design work done in a style that identifies with the corporate identity of products for companies that envisage long-term use on the shelf.

PVC-PET Boxes with Lids:
These are boxes with a double-sided, transparent lid in which producers place products as they remove them from the shelf. We can perform the sealing process at our facility, inline with the requests of the company for products designed for four-side hot-welding seals to prevent the product from being opened on the shelf or from being stolen from within the package. We made special designs for the product considering the possibility that products stand upright on the shelf or are hung on hangers.