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Plastic Tasting Product Containers

Şeker Paketleri Üreticisi

These plastic tasting product containers will give you superiority over your restaurants and restaurants. Bring a simple and sophisticated style to your sofas, side dishes or buffets that will immediately catch your attention. Plastic cones and boats are economical and attractive.

Food Containers Take Taste From Foods
The range of Tat containers is a first-class packaging solution that includes food boxes, trays, pizza boxes and sandwiches suitable for hot and cold foods. Trays, pizza boxes and food boxes are made from a unique, durable and solid material, and are also ideal for picking food that must be safe (up to 60 minutes * 200 ° C) * in a microwave oven and an ordinary oven. heat.
2 Advantages Of Plastic Tasting Product Containers
The food should look appetizing!

1. Without Adhesive Finish
With the help of an ultrasonic bandage on the product can be applied label or the shell without the use of glue. This not only provides reliable adhesion to products but can also reduce the cost of each label and, nevertheless, reduce plastic tasting product containers waste generated by simple separation for recycling.
For applications that require transaction data to be printed in real time on a tape, built-in print options are available to personalize barcode products, expiration dates, recipes, and nutrition information.

2. Transparent Food Packaging
Consumers are more interested in their food than ever before, but also want to see more than ever. Plastic tasting product containers come into play, it can be difficult to insert transparent packages – the materials are very opaque and require re-marking, or the quality of the packaging is poor and cannot be recycled.

Security And Protection
Plastic tasting product containers can help extend shelf life. This means that food should be stored longer. Exposure to oxygen can lead to deterioration, so some foods must be airtight. Loss or accumulation of moisture can also be a problem. You do not want your food to nauseate you, and food packaging may contain microorganisms that cause foodborne illness.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) examines all substances that meet food and regulates their safety. Although some migrations occur over time, the levels found are not high enough to be considered harmful. The science of packaging made it easy to get what you need and the right amount. You can store your food, unpack it, see what you eat, and dispose of it when it is no longer suitable for use or reuse. Plastic tasting product containers are also your main source of product information, such as nutritional value, ingredients and shelf life.

On the shelves of stores, in boxes, bottles, cans and other containers are stored various goods. Packaging is a very important part of the marketing process; companies spend a lot of time and money on planning and design. Consumers see poor quality and incomplete quality if products are not packaged properly. Plastic tasting product containers contains information about the content, instructions for use, features and benefits. Product packaging indicates that brands, such as logos, product symbols, and label lines, make every effort to ensure consistency.