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Plastic Sushi Containers

Pelet Şekerleme Paketleri - Kapları

Plastic Sushi is a transparent tray with four-sided printed cover. Made from FDA approved, BPA free, environmentally friendly and reusable polystyrene material for cold and hot foods only. Designed specifically for sushi, it is great for dim sum and other delicacies. In addition to designing and developing new products without interruption, we are actively looking for new materials and possible new combinations in order to provide our customers with high-quality products in plastic sushi food containers.

Disposable Plastic Sushi Food Packaging Tray
Polypropylene with excellent mechanical and thermal properties for packaging polypropylene. PS Polystyrene is hard and brittle, non-toxic, tasteless, especially suitable for packaging frozen foods such as cakes or salads. Lunch boxes are divided into green lunch boxes, plastic, paper, starch and rare metals. These rectangular sugarless plastic sushi food containers are made from recycled and rapidly renewable sugar cane paste. Certified home, compostable and carbon neutral. Available in various sizes with a choice of one, two and three compartments. Suitable for a wide range of hot and cold dishes. Plastic Food Containers.

Not Needed For Plastic Food Containers
Disposable food containers offer a convenient and safe and hygienic container for packaged products, while a type made from traditional plastics has a devastating effect on the planet. Fortunately, as support for movement with zero waste grows, and more and more people learn about the principles of cyclical economics, the need for a sustainable alternative to plastic food containers becomes obvious: this packaging will be quickly made from renewable sugarcane pulp. Plastic Food Containers.

Freezer, Microwave And Oven Safe
Sometimes you need to warm up food, and you need to make sure that your packaging will last a long time. These plastic sushi food containers can be safely heated in microwaves and ovens up to 220 ° C, so that you can cook ready meals outdoors, freeze them for transportation and reheat for maintenance in the oven. It is made from sugarcane pulp, which is a rapidly renewable by-product of sugar processing. The energy required to produce sugarcane pulp is less than for traditional wood pulp. Choosing plastic sushi food containers made from plants, not oil, saves oil resources and contributes to cleaner production while maintaining our health.

Disposal Connection
These products can be recycled when processing basic paper when they are not contaminated with food debris, and can be composted with food debris in commercial compost, returning them to the soil. Restaurants and other catering enterprises are increasingly interested in the experience of receiving the services of their customers. In many cases, however, menus and food companies have been developed around the client. The task of the operators is to offer the customer the same quality as his customers, the same as they like. To do this, operators should consider the service menus (for menu items to be available and accessible), order (accuracy, order and control), cooking (for longer waiting times for transportation) and meals, considering the service menu. Put in the appropriate shipping plastic sushi food containers and pack the order to deliver the order on time.