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Plastic Leakproof Food Containers

Thermoform Kapaklı Gıda AmbalajıAlthough it is very small, plastic leakproof food containers have several advantages over plastic glass and is mainly due to its ease of use. Plastic is much lighter than glass, so collecting food or packing lunch on the go may be the best option if your workplace is too fragile or heavy. Even the cheapest plastic containers, more than the best glass containers for storing products, work properly, with proper sealing, without spilling or spilling at all.

Economy of fuel – Multifunctional, multidimensional containers easily fold both in the pantry and in the freezer. Containers fit together when they are empty to make room for storage.
Compliance – The transparent base allows you to see exactly what is inside and is safe for the microwave oven with the doors on the top shelf and the dishwasher open.
Diversity – 15 sets, 5 pieces in 5 different sizes each. 3 different sizes for comfort and efficient storage; Thick walls help keep food hot or cold for a limited time at room temperature.
Safety – Each part of this plastic leakproof food containers is made of BPA-free plastic, so you do not need to worry about the safety of your family, and your food will not smell like plastic.

Why Are Hermetic Sealed Containers Important?
We all packed lunch in a bag or backpack in a bowl, but then dropped into a bag. Products in our product line have made many promises that they will be sealed and / or sealed. To check, we filled each container with 2 cups of food-coloured water to facilitate the detection of the droplets, and then shook it vigorously on a white paper towel for 15 seconds in all directions. Both of them is including our old loot – allowed them to avoid a stable, small jet or a few drops, but plastic leakproof food containers kept the towels dry; in a crowded refrigerator without unpleasant surprises.

Containers That Won’t Smell Or Stain
If it is difficult to clean and odorless, the plastic leakproof food containers with the highest seal are still a poor choice. Most containers are designed in the same way: a box equipped with a hermetic seal and silicone seal for the lids and elongated rims that open down to hold the lid or lid in place. The problem is that the seals and fittings of the lid can trap food, moisture and odors. We filled the containers with spicy oil tuna and anchovies, left them in the refrigerator overnight, and then pulled out the fish and washed the containers in the dishwasher. The staff noticed the smell of the remaining fish and smelled clean containers. The bad news: most of the traps smelled and remained fat around the seals. However, some gaskets are easier to clean than others. Our leader was not connected to the usual narrow canal, it was simply placed in the lid so that you could clear the bottom; the other leakproof food containers had a large soft square seal that an inch wide that was easy to remove, and replace the cloth-covered fingertip in a groove wide enough for it to dry completely.