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Plastic Ice Cream Containers

Termoform Plastik Gıda Ambalajları

Looking for plastic ice cream containers for your business? We offer plastic ice cream containers of different sizes for every taste – from a single portion of ice cream to a whole container for ice cream. The designation of all of our bodies is listed below, along with information on the intended goals for each body:

3.5 Oz Ice Cream Cup
These are the smallest containers for ice cream. Because these containers are small, they are ideally suited as a small or child-sized service option. Since they are containers and not containers, they are ideal for selling individual portions of ice cream to markets and other distribution centers.

4 Oz Ice Cream Cup
These four ounces cups, which are the smallest ice cream containers we offer, are designed for fresh ice cream shops, soft snacks and ice cream. This makes these cups ideal as a small or medium service option for your ice cream shop, cafe or ice cream shop. Since these are paper cups, not containers, they are not intended for a removable lid and are intended only for individual portions.

5.5 Oz Ice Cream Cup
It is ideal for medium and large portions of frozen yogurt or soft ice cream. Like other ice cream cups, these paper cups are not designed for storing the lid, i.e. They are not suitable for storing ice cream sold in regular stores and other distribution methods.

14, 16 And 32 Oz Ice Cream Cup
The smallest plastic ice cream containers is a 14-ounce paper container made from plastic-coated disposable paper.

8 Oz Ice Cream Cup
Transparent plastic ice cream cups are specially designed for storing ice cream, syrup, melted chocolate, sauce and other ingredients for ice cream. Since these cups are made of transparent PET plastic, they are ideal for demonstrating the colourful, beautiful look of the ice cream day.

9 And 12 Oz Ice Cream Cup
These plastic ice cream containers with a long and thin design are specifically designed for perfumes and other “long” ice cream. There is a wide and wide opening at the top of the glass, and ice cream can be easily reached with a thinner bottom spoon.
With this design, parfait glasses are ideal for various types of ice cream, where a large surface area is required for applying parfait, soft ice cream, frozen yogurt and whipped cream, syrup and other ingredients.

Nine-ounce parfait cups are ideal for small to medium-sized parfaits, and our large 12-ounce containers are perfect for perfume shops and ice cream the size of a gigantic market. In addition, lightning allows people to know that the product is securely blocked, providing peace of mind to the consumer. For example, a multi-layer, reusable garment bag may leave the wearer untouched when packing for a holiday. Similarly, re-closable packaging can protect an item of clothing if you save it for later use. For example, for a boy over 7 years old, if you buy a shirt in a lockable bag and put on your body to wear a sweater, it will protect him from harm.