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Halva Food Containers

Gıda Paketleme

Halva food containers are made with plastic materials. Plastic materials are used either as covering or as containers but they are used as covering usually. Halva food continers provide hygienic transportation for cotumers. The aims of halva food containers are to protect halvas and to keep fresh them.

What is the halva and how to make it?
Halva is a afters. It is made in Turkey and many countries in Middle East. Halva is known as Amin soup in many countries of world. It is ate after dinner. Flour halva and somolina dessert are common in Turkish culture. The basic materials of havla are flour or somolina, sugar, oil.

The halvas which are sold in markets are tahini halva usually. How to make these halva?
You put putter in pot and you melt the putter with less fire. You pour from flour in pot when the butter melt. You torrefy flour until special smell of flour disappears. Later you mix with food processor and you provide that flour is smooth. You mix smooth flour with less fire again. You add powdered sugar into smooth flour. You continue to mix. And later you add tahini. You start to faster mix. Your halva is ready.

Kinds of halva
1. Semolina dessert
2. Flour halva
3. Palace halva
4. Sabuniye halva
5. Baked cheese halva
6. Sesame halva
7. Pull halva
8. Milk halva
9. Pumpkin halva
10. Semolina dessert with cheese
11. Semolina dessert with orange
12. Tahini halva
13. Flourhalva with tahini
14. Halva with cornflour
15. Red halva
16. Embers halva
17. Halva with wafer
18. Halva with molasses

Tahini halva is the most common in marketing. There are many brands which sell tahini halva. These halvas are packed after they are made. Packaging is made as suitable for size of products. for example there are small sizes halvas,there are moderate halvas and there are big halvas. For this reason packaging is made according to size of products.
Halva food containers are made with plastic and aluminum materials usually. And for this reason they are disposable. They provide long term usage for halvas. but they are not used twice and more because of the fact that they are not fully cleaned and they are not very hygienic. And halva food container which are made plastic and aluminum are very flexible. For this reason if you want to fully cleaned them, you may warp them and you may ruin them. so you had better use once. Halva food containers are fine packing usually. They are packed with packing macines. These machines can pack almost all package foods for example snappy cookies, chocolate, chips etc.

Price of halva food containers
Halva food containers which are made with plastic materials are cheap. Because of the fact that plastic materials are cheaper than the other materials such as glass and porcelain. But glass and porcelain materials are not used for halva food containers usually. For this reason halva food containers are cheap. Besides halva food containers is cheap, they are very hygienic. Halva food containers provide fully protection for halvas in them. For this reason you can prefer these products with peace of mind. But we suggest that you should use them once.