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Confectionery Separator

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Each food sector has its own products and problems, and none of them is as volatile as confectionery. Confectionery separator is constantly growing and adapting to meet these diverse needs. From transporting and processing raw materials to the final product, It listens to customer needs and creates real solutions that work, whether it is batch processing for a continuous stream of products or just the delivery of equipment.

Deliveries Of Sweets
Buying a box of sweets and sweets from your loved one has an honourable tradition throughout the world, and Nashville Wraps offers the perfect collection of pastry to make the most of your special situation. Convenient one- and two-component boxes with chocolate truffles and candy sweets are easy to fold for convenient storage in the retail industry and are ideal for our pre-bonded metal finished metal elastic rings. It’s never been easier to keep your deli delicacies separate and safe than our sugar containers and candy trays, or let them cling to our pastry trays.

Candy Bags
Food confectionery separator is an attractive and versatile way to pack loose and loose candies. Look at transparent confectionery separator – with one or several sections, in various forms and with protection against unauthorized opening – an excellent choice for displaying finished products on the shelves. Welcome to the year of the wild boar with our safe food and boxes for transportation from 8 to 32 ounces! The microwave can be supplied safely or with a wire handle. Formally, we offer our customers the best packaging to meet all their marketing and processing needs.

Industrial Candy Packaging
To improve packaging for our customers, we offer flexible packaging for sugar in various formats and textures. Thanks to special solutions, confectionery separator can offer packaging for sugar for both VFFS equipment and HFFS equipment.

Candy / Coating / Tray Film Packers (HFFS) – using the Formel printed roll, you can make individual candy wrappers to fit any image size and packaging. Four Seal Bags and Bottom Clamps – The design and shape of the four seal packages provide the strength and durability required for large amounts of sugar and provide elegant use in stand-up confectionery separator.

Magnetıc Separators
Raw materials may be contaminated with iron particles in different ways. Chips, vibrating nuts and bolts from milling operations, burrs from metal parts in transport systems – these are just a few examples of pollution methods. Magnetic separators and filters are successfully used to remove unwanted iron particles from solid or liquid materials. All our products are made from raw materials based on primary fibers; Our cardboard and paper products are 100% suitable for food contact. Our properties of cardboard and paper are very strict to ensure maximum quality and rigidity of our products.

Pastry and chocolate bags are made using our high quality printed laminates. For special events and promotions, we produce some of the sharp packages and unique packages that are perfect for chocolate and other confectionery. Our market-leading floor bags offer a great way to print high-resolution using flexography and etching, as well as various redefining options using flexography and etching in various ways.