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Benefits Of Chocolate Separators

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There are many reasons for the use and production of chocolate separators. One of them is the logic of separating the products from each other is based on the fact that combinations with separate flavors do not mix. Chocolate is a mixture of cocoa liquor based, milk or various dense liquids. The sugar contained in this mixture makes it easier to stick together if it melts. The packaging process is a system that is protective for use in many foods or products which may melt. This system is more successful than open sale in maintaining the shape of the products if used correctly. In fact, considering the purpose of the initial design, the greatest purpose of the packaging system is to preserve the shape and function of the product within it.

Moreover, the secondary and most popular use of packaging is to preserve the freshness of the product. This method, especially used in foods that need to be consumed fresh, draws attention to branding. The quality of the plastic and the machine used for the packaging process, safer for the food whose freshness must be preserved. This shows us that the plastic is reliable but it is a quality decision that should be given correctly. As a result of the situation just explained; The important role that plastic plays in maintaining the quality of the product in a healthy way leads us to branding.

Quality grades of plastic
Number 1: PET is a harmless type of plastic and is generally used to store fast-ending drinks. Does not last long.
Number 2: High-density polyethylene, which is harmless, is usually resistant to chemicals and is often used in detergents or chemical products.
Number 3: This type of plastic which is resistant to chemicals is PVC (polyvinyl chloride). PVC is in the forefront in the construction sector with its expandable structure.
Number 4: LDPE less density harmless polyethylene. For example; coatings, packaging to protect food products, tubes, insulating layer of cables, sacks are in use.
Number 5: PE (Polyethylene), bleach, salt spirit, descaler, dishwashing detergent, garbage bags etc. are used in the packaging of many products. As known it is the most reliable plastic. The dishwasher-washability is also very useful for the customers who planning to reuse plastic.
Number 6: PS (polystyrene) is harmful, even if it forms plates, forks, spoons, cups used for fast food service of hasty customers or for birthdays, invitations and canteens.
Number 7: This type of plastic, which is referred to as others, is a species that is quite harmful to use. However, food storage containers are also produced therefrom. This numbering system is mentioned symbolically in the package.

Plastic industry pricing
Information I gave in the previous title was a comparison in terms of health and use characteristics. The price of the plastic increases or decreases according to its properties and health-appropriate. Since plastic is a material with wide usage areas, it is not right to give a full price list. While the plastic used for cosmetic products is durable, the plastic used for packaging chocolate is a thin and fresh keeping material. Even some products are expensive only because of the properties of the plastic used in its packaging. As a result, we understand that if the advantageous properties and size of the packaging increases, the price will increase.