Salad Food Containers

Want to be master the art of packing your lunch in style? Comfortable salad bowl is best for you. There are several choices with branches to keep all your sauces fresh, until you are ready to eat them fresh. You do not need to worry about pouring water from the salad into the bag, because we have found hermetic structures to make sure that it is tightly fixed in place. The most pleasant thing: you can stock up on healthy … Readmore»

Plastic Rectangular Food Containers

A wide range of rectangular disposable plastic food containers are available, including eco-friendly, storage and folding. You can choose from food, various goods and dishes. In addition to plastic, metal and silicone. Whether it be disposable plastic food containers: pp, ps or melamine. Features Store food and trash in plastic rectangular food containers. You do not need to worry about spills, because the silicone sealing strip on the lid does not leak. Preheat fish, poultry and more. Glass food containers … Readmore»

Plastic Date Food Containers

A wide range of food containers is available with search options by date, such as environmental friendliness, storage and folding. You can also choose from plastic, metal and silicone. Bins and trash cans, bottles and jars. And regardless of whether the capacity for a meal with a set of plastic date food containers is microwave, fresh or heated. Types Of Food Containers To protect, transport and store various food products, manufacturers make various containers. Containers can be processed by additional … Readmore»

Palm Food Containers

The products of this company are decomposed by microorganisms and, therefore, help to solve both our waste is an environmentally friendly alternative to polluting palm food containers made of polystyrene and to solve the long-standing problem of waste from empty fruit bundles (EFB). A well thought out good package usually has the following characteristics: 1. Good packaging is not too heavy and has a design and dimensions that may cause inconvenience to customers. Thus, convenience is a good packaging feature. … Readmore»

Plastic Halva Food Containers

Packaging is an external coating that protects a product from all external factors, allows it to reach consumers or end-users for a long time and facilitates such activities as transportation, storage and marketing to prevent the product from falling or breaking. Preferred packaging materials are plastic, paper and glass. What Are The Packaging Materials? It is considered the ancestor of glass and wood packaging materials. Because they were used as packaging material from ancient Egypt. Plastic halva food containers are … Readmore»

Plastic Hamburger Food Containers

A wide range of plastic hamburger food containers are available, including free samples and paid samples. We have 308 suppliers of plastic containers for hamburgers in Asia. The best suppliers are China (mainland), Taiwan and Singapore, which supply %98 and %1 of plastic containers for hamburgers, respectively. Burger Boxes We offer boxes for hamburgers made of cardboard, cellulose or recycled material. Approved food paper packaging prevents the appearance of oil stains, maintains the temperature of hot food and absorbs moisture. … Readmore»

Plastic Hot Food Containers

When food is stored in plastic hot food food containers, a certain amount of plastic inevitably gets into the food. The amount is very small but increases if the food is hot or contains acid or fat. One of the chemicals that draw attention to the harmful effects of plastics is called BPA, and therefore many plastic containers do not contain BPA. Avoid storing food in plastic containers and use glass, ceramic or stainless containers. But if you use it, … Readmore»

Plastic Sushi Food Containers

Plastic Sushi is a transparent fog pan with a four-sided press cover. Made from FDA approved, BPA free, environmentally friendly and reusable polystyrene material for cold and hot foods only. Designed specifically for sushi, it is great for dim sum and other delicacies. In addition to designing and developing new products without interruption, we are actively looking for new materials and possible new combinations in order to provide our customers with high-quality products in plastic sushi food containers. Disposable Plastic … Readmore»

Plastic Sweet Food Containers

Plastic has a great impact on the environment. Depending on the recycling system in your city, plastics recycling is possible, but most people do not. Plastic is not biodegradable. The soil cannot absorb this material naturally. On the contrary, the light is divided into small pieces that pollute the soil from plastic. It is expensive to control and remove plastic toxicity. Recycling programs are designed to reduce the number of items you use, reuse your containers and dispose of them … Readmore»

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