Benefits Of Madlen Chocolate Separators

Flour, milk, melted butter, egg whisked into dough and then poured into sections divided into containers, called madlen is a French technique. The chocolates placed in plastics divided into sections by madlen technique are called madlen chocolate. If the shaping of a substance is based on melting and subsequent cooling, the substance will melt again and deform when it receives the correct temperature. Chocolate is just one of the foods we know, which can easily melt at room temperature. Madlen chocolate separation system and packaging was successful if the shape of the chocolate was processed into the plastic sheet. The layer, which is the replica of the chocolate’s own shape, helps maintain the shape even if the chocolate melts. So we can split chocolate into small weights and serve them all in the same box easily.

Separate food in the same packing system
This separation process is highly functional for dividing and serving a single whole substance into small weights. This method has brought order to the packaging system of many sectors as in food. To give an example for the food sector; Separated fast food menu trays, salami, sausage, meat products being cut and separated in plastic containers, chocolate or particle coated biscuits, various candies, crackers, mini ice creams, cakes, chopped vegetables, chopped cheeses. Separate packaging of foods reduces the weight used and helps to implement recipes. Practical and easy to use, this system has the ability to quickly saturate with little bite and store the remainder without the need for a new container. In fact, it would sort of pack your bite. This technique provides a pre-prepared, retained, practical bite.

Separate packaging system for other products
The advantageous properties used in the separation of food are also visible in the field of cosmetics. Pressed, colored or silvery powders, which we know as eye shadow palettes, are packed in a single package in at least 2 shades. We can see the same system in skin tones, powders, bronzers, lipsticks. This system, as in the food industry, offers the same material with different properties in the cosmetic sector, and packages it in the same packaging. It is also used in shampoo campaigns, tester products or chemical painting materials with different properties of two or more similar uses. Even underwear sets that we can see even in the textile sector can be offered in two different compartments in the same package. Cutlery sets, cup sets, porcelain sets, pots and pans are also examples of this packaging system. The majority of products that require installation at home are protected products while waiting to be combined in the same packaging. Two or three different types of packaging may be used when designing these packages. The material to be used in the packaging system varies according to the structure of the breakable articles, dustable or extensible articles, foods, cosmetics, chemical products and many other products. This system can both eliminate crowds and protect products with a similar range of usability. Or it is advantageous because it can hold multiple products that fit together, and can separate a product and keep it in the same package.